Weaving eWorkshop for Beginners

Preparing a Weaving on a Frame Loom

Watch this Workshop to Learn About Four Important Weaving Aspects that will Help Guide Your First Steps in Weaving on a Frame Loom

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New to weaving and not really sure where to start? There are a few things that you gotta know to get you weaving, so you are at the right place. Here are the four points you will learn about in this training:

Loom Anatomy + How Weaving Works

Warp? Weft? Shed?

Learn about the parts of a frame loom and the yarns that are used to weave. Also learn about how weaving works and how designs are created!

Warp Spacing

The spacing of the warp strings play a significant role in the appearance and structure of a weaving. Depending on the weft yarn weight and desired design, choosing the proper density is important.

Warp Waste

The warp holds the design in place, but also is used to finish the woven edges when the weaving is complete.  Learn how much warp is needed to display and secure the ends of the weaving.

Weaving a Strong Base

After weaving your designs on the frame loom for hours, it would be a pity if it completely unraveled. Learn about the importance of weaving a strong base and how to how create one.

Welcome Beginners!

Totally new to weaving or just curious about fiber arts? You are in the right place!

Gina Dargan

-Fibers and Design, creator and instructor

In 2019 I created Fibers and Design to teach beginners weaving basics and to encourage people to be creative. 

The Fibers and Design website is filled with weaving tutorials for learning beginner tips and techniques that can help you start weaving today, including how to build your own DIY looms, weaving patterns and projects, and more.

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