Everything you need to know to weave on a frame loom and becoming a confident creative

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Share who you are with weaving.

Learn step-by-step how to weave designs a frame loom and build your confidence to weave independently!

Pre-Order Sale: Jan 17 to Jan 27


Time Saving Content

Learn all design patterns and techniques in one place!


Easy to follow instructions

Self paced, in-depth video and written instructions


stress-FREE Fun

Come relax, get comfy with your loom, and learn how to weave!


Practice makes improvement

Practice activities that focus on developing skills before weaving projects-so you feel ready to create!


simple Design Projects

Create four awesome woven projects that teach you design basics


Weave independently

Sampling and project activities will grow your skills and understanding to create on your own!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pre-Order Sale?

Pre-Order Sale Dates: January 17 to January 27 2022

This Pre-Order Sale is a sale to purchase the eCourse before it is officially released. This allows students to purchase it at a lower price before it is launched. The Beginner Weaver eCourse will be released on January 28!

This is the final preorder sale before the launch of the ecourse. 

When can I access my eCourse?

The Beginner Weaver eCourse will be released on January 28 2022. Once the course is officially launched you will have complete access to your student account and begin taking lessons.

The Username and Password created during checkout will be used to access your student account. Carefully save your log in details. Use these details when logging in to the Fibers and Design eLearning platform at classes.fibersanddesign.com . 

Can I access the eCourse before the launch in January 2022?

Between now and the launch date I will be adding the course material to the learning platform and finalizing details of the course. During this time I ask that you have patience and wait for me to announce when the course is ready to start.

If a Beta launch becomes possible I will notify all students who Pre-Ordered the course.

What materials do I need to take the eCourse?

All materials (yarn, tools and loom) will be listed in the course ebook. My aim is to send a simplified list to students who Pre-Order before the eCourse is launched so that you have time to prepare all the needed materials. 

In general a simple frame loom is needed- it can be DIY’ed or store purchased. Directions on how to create your own loom can be found of the Fibers and Design Youtube channel.

Here are a few other materials:

-scissors / painter’s tape / a ruler / marker (to mark on warp)

-a thin metal tapestry needle and long weaving tapestry needle

-worsted (or aran) weight cotton yarn

-cotton cord (5mm)

-chunky wool yarn and roving wool yarn

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From January 17 to January 27 2022 get the Pre-Order sale price of $95!  The eCourse will be available January 28 2022 – Preorder the eCourse now and save!